Your Basic Biffle
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Founded by

Nikki Beck-McGeough

Jack of all trades, master of none. I am here to share my passions with you. From fashion to cooking and crafting to beauty. Come join me in discovering new hobbies, experiencing new adventures and living life to the absolute fullest.

Are you in?
xoxo Nikki



Your Basic Biffle is a take on a modern term of "being basic" and "biffle" meaning best friend. My goal for #YBB is to build a community of women who empower and lift one another up. I want this to be a central location where we can support, motivate and discuss topics that may be hard to talk about as well as come together to enjoy the aspects of life that make us happy. I want other women to find their happiness because in today's world, I feel like it is a hard thing to find.

Whether it be fashion or cooking, we are building an empire.

Are you ready for a positive life change?
Your Basic Biffle is.