Be Bold. Be Supportive. Be Yourself.

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You may have seen my raw, honest truth about our journey in life.  I want to go deeper into this subject matter. 

Let’s recap…

here's the thing... 

if you're anything like me you are in a time of your life where all you do is #work & #hustle to attempt to create a better life for yourself & your family.

here's what i've found... 

you will have your ultimate cheerleaders, the ones who are there cheering you on every step of the way. the ones who want to see you succeed. the ones who are not afraid to show their support. #thanksmom 

you will have your friends and family who are always rooting for you and hoping for the best. the ones who follow your journey and want to see you paint a new beautiful picture for your life. #youAREawesome 

you will also have the negative energy of those who secretly watch you from the distance. the ones who are afraid you will succeed before them. the ones who sit silently and don't offer encouragement. #iseeyou and you wont stop me, you know why? because in this crazy world there is room for everyone to be happy, there is room for everyone to succeed and if you don't have a support system, guess what? i'm right here... 

here's the thing...

everyone's story is different and everyone is on a different chapter of their book. your story is still being written...we could all use that extra high five, "you've got this", like or text of encouragement. 

i challenge you to #makesomeonesdaytoday and offer some extra love...we all need it...#cheersbiffles 🥂

Let me ask you this, who are you in this story? Are you the ultimate cheerleader? If so, then you win some serious points. Are you the supportive friend? Awesome, because your friends seriously need you. Or, are you the one that sits back and secretly gets nervous when it looks like someone is succeeding faster than you?

I want you to be honest with yourself and if you raised your hand because you are the silent watcher, I want to help you view life in a different light. 

You see, my friend, there is no shame in the game if you are this person because I was this person. Yes, the secret is out and I am being honest with you… I. WAS. THIS. PERSON. And friend, let me tell you, it is a lonely place to be in. 

I want to change your life. I want you to become the best version of yourself. I want you to be happy. 

These three things start by you embracing your story. So you don’t have your dream car or live in a house you bought. So what?

“But my friend is living that life.”

Again, so what? We are focusing on your story and friend, your time will come. 

I promise you, the minute you start being the cheerleader and picking out the positives in your own life, your time will come.

You won’t dwell on your “don’t haves” you will embrace what you do have. 

Here’s my challenge for you...find your circle. Find your circle of people that are like minded. Find the circle of people who have similar goals as you. I promise you that this circle will embrace and celebrate your wins and you’ll be celebrating theirs. 

Didn’t this conversation go from a dark place to an extremely happy one? 

Remember, I was this person and I made the change and boy, oh, boy am I happy. 

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