Pesto Pasta With Chicken

It’s always nice to have a dinner idea ready to go when the day gets too busy to think about what to cook. This is why I absolutely love this recipe. It’s easy, quick, takes zero brain power and it’s gluten free. You can also make it as simple or complex as you would like. For this particular recipe, I get all my ingredients from Trader Joe’s however, you can find similar ingredients at your local grocery store.

What I use:
* 16 oz Bag of Organic Brown Rice Pasta Fusilli
* 12.5 oz Can of Premium Chicken Breast
* 6.7 oz of Pesto all Genovese Basil Pesto

Optional Ingredients (I highly suggest adding in these extra ingredients for some serious flavor!):
* 1/4 Cup of Feta Cheese
* 1/2 Cup Bruschetta Sauce
* 1/3 Cup Marinated Artichokes - Chopped

Okay, Biffles. Are you ready for the easiest food prep ever?

* Bring your water to a boil add in pasta and cook until tender.
* Drain your pasta and let cool for 3 to 5 minutes.
* Transfer drained pasta to large bowl and add in all ingredients.
* Stir & Serve.

Umm… SO EASY! Enjoy Biffs!
Don’t forget to #ybb when you try out this recipe.

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