Tricks For a Perfect Charcuterie Board


As you will come to learn, if you don’t know already, I am super obsessed with charcuterie boards… like super obsessed. I have so much fun making them and get a ton of compliments every time. Well, now it’s your turn to become the charcuterie board master. 

Let’s start by learning the basics to preparing a charcuterie board that will work for any occasion. 

I have two secrets to share with you which aren’t really secrets just two steps to remember when creating an amazing charcuterie board. Number one, variety and number two, overflow. 

When it comes to variety, you want to choose a few different cheeses, a few different meats, a few different crackers and a few “extra” ingredients.  When choosing all of these ingredients, make sure you are choosing different shapes and flavors. 

First stop - cheeses. Think.of some of your faves. Maybe it’s Brie, White Cheddar and Smoked Gouda. All three of these cheeses are different in shape and also very different in flavor. 

Next - meats. I try to pick a a pretty good selection of salami based on shape. Some are smaller and thicker while the others are large and round. I also ALWAYS add prosciutto no matter what. 

Third step - crackers. You don’t want to have all round crackers on your board. Mix it up and add in square or even a pita chip style. Crackers come in so many shapes, sizes and flavors so get creative on what you think your guests will enjoy. 

Lastly - those extra ingredients. This is where you can really spice up your board. Fruits, veggies, jams or dips. Depending on the season, you can really get creative with these extra ingredients. Strawberries or olives are always fun to add. The choice is yours! 

For my next not so secret, secret - overflow. Basically you want to cover your entire board, do not leave any open spaces. Arrange your your cheeses first, then meats, extra ingredients then cover your left over spaces with your variation of crackers. I promise you, your quests will not be disappointed when your charcuterie board is overflowing. 

For that extra special touch, pick out your favorite set of cheese knives you have on hand. Don’t have any? Check out a few of my recommendations below.

Now that you now know my “secrets” and the basis to putting together a bad-ass charcuterie board, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and following us on Facebook and Instagram to watch us put these bad boys together! 

Chow for now, Biffles!