Your Validation For an Expensive Purchase

Okay, I totally get it, if you’re anything like me, chances are you don’t have an extra $675+ to spend on shoes. Well, think again because this will be a one-time purchase (well, until that bonus check comes). If you can justify one hefty purchase, you’ll get a lot of wear out of this purchase.

Do you have your eye set on a pair of shoes you’ve always wanted? Are your dream shoes a pair you can wear with almost anything? Well, those are the first two, and very important, questions you should ask yourself.

My recommendation is going with a black or a nude heel. I promise, this will be your go to shoe whenever you have a nice dinner, party or work event to attend. Both black and nude, will go with a variety of outfits so take your pick of which you think you will get more wear out of.

Now, to get your wheels spinning, check out new and classic designers featured at my fave store, Nordstrom:

New arrivals from SPACE, a shop for emerging and advanced designers at NORDSTROM.
Fashion-istaNikki Beck